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The Label Says Paleo team is halfway through the challenge and still going strong!  I’m going to report my progress in this post; team members please post to comments.

Week 2 was tough.  I traveled to San Diego for work and did the best I could with eating out and living out of a hotel for a few days.  Breakfasts and lunches weren’t too bad (although In-n-Out Burger is just not the same without the cheese), but dinners proved a little more challenging.  Lots of menu substitutions and meals that were not ideal.  I also discovered the Larabar (amazing!), and while they’re a little high in sugars, if you need something quick and you can’t be a traveling pantry, they’re a solid option.

I was pretty good on the alcohol throughout the week.  I found out that even after just 2 weeks of eating clean, alcohol affects me much more.  Hangovers are much easier to come by, which is both a blessing and curse.  I know, alcohol is not technically allowed in the challenge, but I’ll post on why we’re allowing it another day.  It is nice to remember everything and have much cheaper bar tabs.

My last 2 issues have to do with the macronutrient composition of what I’m eating.  I don’t think I’m eating enough fat, because I’m STARVING throughout the day and just looking for the next meal.  That leads into a dangerous situation where I go to the grocery store and want to buy the entire dessert section (try to stay out of the store when hungry, btw, it’s bad news bears).

Overall, I’m starting to feel much better throughout the day (other than the hunger thing), and I’m also starting to believe that the paleo lifestyle can be sustainable, with a little modification (i.e. bourbon, please).

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